21 August, 2015

Satagvetis newsgroups and Geronimo

Satagvetis newsgroups and Geronimo

21 August, 2015
Strange story, not the story, the more literary criticism and to give yourself the first post is none other than Geronimo to be dedicated, but you know what you tell ?! All the book is something that should catch the thing to talk, that's why I think that mkitkhveloba separate profession, and we, the readers, to understand each other.
I am of the generation of the baby, very good books to read, but terrible packaging, basically they were on the back cover of gadaklekili Tags: 90 kopecks, or anything like that. I remember I read that Peppy, the book was a fragmented, almost hands shemomabarda, then read Carlson refused, until the old, but in good condition, the book is not the reason for me to form is always important.

"Time and changeable weather," Well, I stuck my hand I do not know how, but I finished reading the Geronimo series stiltonis a few minutes ago. Most children's books in good shape and I think generally Comics Kill me if you want. However, the fact is, we still do not have the comic book culture.

This series is not entirely komikssa will not name, but a lot of drawings and simple texts.

Geronimo stiltoni satagvet born and a "curriculum vita" have mice we can also substitute.

Probably wondering what the official "nachalnikia" It's for a mouse, so it will tell you, the most famous Geronimo satagvet publishing editor and author of several books. Mouse gajobebs and the writer will be before you, Oh.

All four of the comic can not tell you, but most of all that I liked so much that I will talk about, ask me, gacherdio, I promise.

This book "qvelisperi purguni" and called jeronimosa and his family are. Tea stiltons, Geronimo's sister, other "comics from the" already know, but here's grandfather, fat, grumpy, stubborn Mouse and his caretaker who makes a delicious lasagna, new characters are.

At the beginning of the show, the grandfather Tea more than they like Geronimo, but believe it anywhere you seen such a grandfather, grandson not to love? Grandfathers of the person asking you, I have not seen any mice, neither fans nor hating.

Grandfather, Geronimo, Tea and grandpa travel nurse and go with the transport purguns elected, with a purguns, childhood is not, it'll be 80 years old, even the viotsnebeb, kitchen, living room, study, and the like.

Grandpa stubborn and does not recognize the compass, therefore disappear, so it starts after poor Geronimo grief and anguish. No way modzebneo, kicked and lazaniasa not even unsaved, then deliver the fuel and the cold of the "adopted" child allowed to earn a living, feed the 4 cheese pizza, but to no avail.

I, as gourmets, most of the news I remember eating and drinking.

All her grumpy old man hiding behind a person, therefore, the last pages of the book to Geronimo grandfather also disclosed that she loves her grandchildren.

By the way, Grandpa stilsoni good business literature would envy that such statements throws, ha, one: "The secret of success is to do one thing at a time, but the quality!"

Another it says: "My son, remember, is not a made-up for the trip to reach the destination, but also to prevent the two different areas and circumstances to imagine the life of a great journey. No matter how many back problems moitoveb, only thoughts of what awaits ahead. It should be a great obstacle -the never lose hope and never to be afraid, this is my son, my purpose in life: always looking forward, because you will always be a way that you only impassable. "

So, I have so many I can not, "I am sensitive to the mouse," and they do not, people.

Books are like people, their two categories: good and bad, can not be divided.